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Find Your Flex

Find Your Flex

FindYourFlex is a UK-based job board that connects job seekers with job opportunities that offer flexible working arrangements, such as part-time, remote, and flexible hours. The job board features job listings in various industries ranging from technology and customer service, to marketing and more where users can search for job openings by location, job title, and industry. Additionally, FindYourFlex provides helpful resources and tips to help job seekers get the most from their job search, as well as providing company reviews, salary information, career advice and a community space where like-minded individuals can connect with other professionals and share their experiences.

FindYourFlex also boasts a useful feature where job seekers can subscribe to job alerts, to ensure they're notified when new job opportunities that match their preferences and offer flexible working arrangements are posted. Ultimately, FindYourFlex is a great resource for job seekers looking for opportunities that offer flexible working arrangements in the UK.